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A Life of Service to Engineering Education and Research

Ernie Smerdon's distinguished career left an indelible legacy on engineering education and research.

Helping Students Further Down the Line

Budd Parrish’s adaptability, persistence and cross-cultural understanding set the stage for some of the best experiences of his life. Now he is looking to help other UA Engineering students succeed.

Arizona Native All About Having Enough Water

Karl Kohlhoff, a 1956 civil engineering alumnus, cares about water, specifically having enough safe drinking water for generations to come, and he has dedicated his life to that purpose.

Alum Don Liu, Major Contributor to Safer Superships, Recalls UA Journey

Don Liu adapted aerospace research techniques to kickstart the development of modern superships.

Alum Is a State of Mind for Lou Schlesinger

Alum status is a state of mind for UA supporter Lou Schlesinger, a mineral process manager who had to leave the University one course shy of a degree in metallurgical engineering.

Peter Hushek

Hushek recently established the Charles J. Hushek Scholarship in memory of his father, Charles “Chuck” Hushek, who founded Phoenix Heat Treating in 1963.

Wizarding World of Don Silberman

Donn Silberman, aka “Dr. Donn, the Wizard of Light,” has garnered a few accolades recently.

UA Honors Mary Poulton

Mary Poulton, head of the department of mining and geological engineering is the 2012 Eugene G. Sander Endowed Faculty Fundraising Award recipient.

Lalitha & Dhananjay Mahajan

Husband and wife program managers for Microsoft Corporation may reside in Seattle but still remember the opportunities and experiences while studying science and engineering at the UA.

Arun Ravi

Arun Ravi left the healthcare consulting business to develop a mental health wellness tool that analyzes how web content affects the emotional state of people browsing the Internet.

Marwan Krunz's IEEE Award

Marwan Krunz, a professor in the UA department of electrical and computer engineering, continues to amass awards and lead research in communications technology and networking.

Bala Krishnan

The co-founder, president and chief product officer of Peel Technologies Inc. treats his company's escape from failure in 2008 like an awakening.

Tony Torng

Boeing engineer and UofA alumnus Tony Torng was named Asian American Engineer of the Year in March 2012 by the Chinese Institute of Engineers USA for his nationally recognized work.

Ray Haynes

This year's UA Bear Down awardee is a Nogales, Ariz., native who was an early champion of diversity in engineering.

Nick R. Schott

Nick Schott has some great UA memories from the 1960s, when Tucson, Ariz., was still only a couple of hundred thousand strong and the UA football team, well, was probably still in rebuilding stage.

Steve Holmes

Along with Asarco LLC President Manuel Ramos, Steve coordinated the refurbishment and donation of a 40-foot drill jumbo to the UA's San Xavier mining lab, for training future mining engineers.

Peter J. Boyle

Peter J. Boyle (1943-1999) held degrees in history and geology from Eastern Michigan and San Francisco State universities, respectively.

ECE's Ryan Biggie nominated

Ryan Biggie, electrical engineering; nominated by Hal Tharp. Biggie is also the outstanding senior in materials science and engineering; nominated by Srini Raghavan

William (“Scotty”) McClary

After graduation, Scotty McClary started a career in digital communications that took him from Tucson, Ariz., to Washington, D.C., to Florida, where he now lives with his wife, Lynn.

Matthew M. McDole

Matt McDole received the 2012 Francis C. Turner Award for his contribution to the advancement of the knowledge and practice of transportation engineering.

Vahan G. Garboushian

Armenian-born electrical engineering grad, considered a pioneer in concentrated photovoltaic systems, is the UA College of Engineering 2011 Alumnus of the Year.

ECE Grad Brian Fox

Not many students can say they had to wait for their research to come back from space before they could collect their doctorate degrees.