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UA Baja Racing Organizes Meeting and Barbecue to Recruit New Members The Baja Racing team held its first orientation session of the year Aug. 31 in AME. A welcome-back barbecue followed so that newcomers could meet the returning team.
UA Baja Racing Organizes Meeting and Barbecue to Recruit New Members The Baja SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) engineering design team at the UA consists of undergraduate students from varying disciplines and backgrounds with the common goal of developing their education. Team members range from freshmen to fifth-year seniors, from engineers to businessmen and women. Baja gives students the opportunity for professional development while experiencing a hands-on approach to the theories learned in classrooms.
Aerial Robotics Team Awarded Prize at IARC The UA Aerial Robotics Club (ARC) was awarded $1,200 prize money Aug. 1 at the 2008 International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) awards banquet in Fort Benning, Ga. The team will use the award to cover the cost of entering next year’s competition. Although the UA team did not get the chance to demonstrate the full range of its system’s capabilities, it is looking forward to next year’s competition. “We still had a great time at the event and we gained a lot of valuable experience from it,” said a team member on the ARC blog. “The team seems to be stronger than ever and we are all incredibly excited about next year’s event."
Solar Road Warriors Cruise to Success The University of Arizona solar racing team headed to Texas July 4 for the American Solar Challenge, confident it had overcome problems that scuppered its chances in the 2005 race. Nineteen days later, against tremendous odds, the team finished in tenth place.
Lego Robots Promote Engineering Education The conference was organized, with help from Tufts University, by the Lego Robotics Outreach Club, or RoboClub, which was formed in 2008 by mechanical engineering students and their faculty advisor, professor Eniko Enikov, to promote engineering, science and math education using Lego materials as a teaching tool.