UA Honors Mary Poulton



UA Honors Mary Poulton
Mary Poulton, head of the department of mining and geological engineering is the 2012 Eugene G. Sander Endowed Faculty Fundraising Award recipient.

Mary Poulton, head of the department of mining and geological engineering and director of the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources, is the 2012 Eugene G. Sander Endowed Faculty Fundraising Award recipient.

Poulton was chosen because she's able to channel the passion she has for discovery and academics into fundraising, which makes her a tremendous asset to the University of Arizona. "I'm really honored to be receiving the award for the work that I've done but it was also the work of a great group of students, faculty, friends and alumni who made it possible," said Poulton, a UA alumna with a doctorate in geological engineering.


Her research focus includes analyzing patterns in large data sets for improved mineral and petroleum exploration, geophysics and mining.  


Since becoming head of the department in 2000, Poulton has successfully garnered support from private individuals and companies. Notably, she helped raise nearly $20 million to establish the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources, an international center for advancing scientific, technological and educational aspects of mineral discovery. 


College of Engineering Dean Jeff Goldberg attributes Poulton's  fundraising success to the care she takes with each donor, ensuring their wishes and goals are honored.


"She takes the time to get to know the donors and she understands that development is about finding the shared values and priorities of the University and the donor," he said.


Under Poulton's leadership, the mining and geological engineering undergraduate program grew from about 20 students to 80. Her development efforts ensured operational and faculty support despite dwindling state and federal funds. She also founded an Industry Leadership Board, a group of more than 30 members representing several minerals and construction industry areas. The board offers program oversight and strategic planning for fundraising efforts.  

"I am so grateful for the alumni and industry partners who continue to support and grow our program," she said.

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