Arun Ravi

Computer Engineering


Arun Ravi
Arun Ravi left the healthcare consulting business to develop a mental health wellness tool that analyzes how web content affects the emotional state of people browsing the Internet.

Arun Ravi left the healthcare consulting business to develop a mental health wellness tool that analyzes how web content affects the emotional state of people, especially young people, browsing the Internet. We talked to him about his time at UA and his journey to this new venture,

How has your UA education benefitted you?
UA gave me the foundation I needed to succeed. It was a combination of great professors, classmates and environment.

What are your favorite memories from your time at UA?
Going with my friends to the basketball and football games. I lived in La Paz right behind the football stadium so every Saturday was insane!

Tell us something about yourself that people might be surprised to learn.
That I quit my job to start a company.

Tell us about your hobbies and pastimes.
I love UA sports and do my best to find time and watch them play. Other than that I love being outdoors and do my best to go do something outside whenever I have a chance.

What are your hopes for the future of UA?
That it goes from strength to strength and the brand of students coming out gets better and better. UA was a great experience and I want other people to be able to build lasting memories there.

Describe something noteworthy you have experienced since graduating.
Starting my company Mevoked has been a remarkable journey. Mevoked uses online behavior analytics to measure and manage mental health in children. Our software tool determines the emotional state of mind of the user by analyzing passively their browsing patterns and content consumed. We then make that data actionable for the parent and the child. We want to change the way mental health is detected and potentially treated.

What else would you like our readers to know?
UA has given me an amazing foundation to build on and I wouldn't do anything differently.

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