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Arizona Engineering Online is the news service of the UA College of Engineering. This online service was launched in 2008 and grew out of the print version of the College's alumni publication, Arizona Engineer, which was first published in 1978 and is still going strong.

Arizona Engineering Online is the only source of news and information that covers every department, program and center in the College of Engineering. It is read by faculty, staff, students, alumni, industry and donors. We write about the multifarious people, projects, achievements and events that constitute the College in all its dimensions -- from multimillion-dollar research grants to weekend Frisbee games.

Arizona Engineering Online wants to hear from Engineering students and faculty -- past, present and future -- about your work in the College, your life as an alum, your research breakthroughs, your upcoming events, your award-winning achievements and your new projects. College of Engineering graduates are dotted all over the globe -- and occasionally in space -- and we can bring you all together in the pages of this online newsletter.