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UA Engineering senior Travis Sawyer, who has received several competitive scholarships, is intent on conducting research that improves the quality of life for people.

Inventors of total artificial heart, disposable blood-testing kits and wearable health-monitoring tools will advance U.S. manufacturing of bendable and wearable technologies.

Biomedical engineers and clinicians at the University of Arizona are developing devices that reduce risk of falling and increase quality of life for older adults with balance and mobility issues.

Ryan Biggie, electrical engineering; nominated by Hal Tharp. Biggie is also the outstanding senior in materials science and engineering; nominated by Srini Raghavan

engineering innovation building

The Engineering Innovation Building will help the College of Engineering attract the best students and faculty the world has to offer. Thousands of students on design teams and in engineering clubs will have a new home built for teamwork and success. World-renowned researchers will gain the space and equipment to advance groundbreaking technology.